(Practitioners of Biophoton Light Therapy measure the organ meridian systems via the acupuncture meridian points on the body.. However, this month with the information on what Dr. Kazumasa Muratsu has so interestingly presented to the public, is that the teeth are in fact organs.   This sheds new light on why some clients respond much quicker than others. And why if we only work with symptoms, we will never get to the cause of illness, pain, etc. )

TEETH ARE OUR ORGANS by Dr. Kazumasa Muratsu

What does it mean that over 7000 cases of illnesses show that “a tooth is an organ”? 

About one third of the Japan national budget is used for medical expenses. This amounts to around 3 trillion yen. Medical science is developing rapidly, but the number of  people suffering from incurable diseases , or diseases of unknown origin are actually increasing. In an attempt to resolve this situation, Dr. Muratsu has worked for over 20 years with his belief that “a tooth is an organ”.  While stacking up more than 7000 clinical trials, he has brought about a major shift in medical thinking.

A Malaysian student in Japan heard his story. Dr. Kazumasa Muratsu Doctor of Medical Dentistry.  After graduating from dentistry at Kyushu University, and completing the university’s doctorate program, he studied Life Sciences at the University of Texas, USA. On returning to Japan, he started and practiced in Japan’s first outpatient clinic of oral medicine at Kyushu University health center.

By looking at dentistry from the viewpoint of internal medicine, he used the idea: “the tooth is a key organ; brushing, the key to life”, to develop and verify his “tooth-as-an-organ” theory. This original approach to improving modern medicine, taking over 20 years, and stacking up over 7000 clinical trials, is bringing about a revolution in not only dentistry, but also general medicine.

Dr. Muratsu was also acclaimed for this work through his involvement in the television program “The lesson I most want to take in the world.” (Sekai de ichiban uketai jyugyo)

When did Dr. Muratsu become convinced that teeth were organs?

“Teeth have a history of being “something you can do without”, and in some places, dental decay is still known as a “lifestyle disease”. While studying preventative dentistry as a graduate and undergraduate, I kept thinking that “keeping one’s teeth” was somewhat related to the health. When checking the teeth of the cheery older men and women at my clinic in Kyushu, I discovered that those who had kept their teeth were the healthy ones. Also, as I continued examinations, I established that a patient’s blood pressure was strongly related to the state of their teeth

As I corrected patients’ bite shapes, and removed incompatible materials in their mouths.
I found that problems with no visible causes, such as back pain, headaches, rheumatism, high blood pressure, allergies and psychological illnesses were quickly cleared or their condition improved. I gained confidence as I saw this again and again happening in front of my eyes. If the tooth were not an organ, by just returning the tooth to its normal state, you wouldn’t expect improvements to such diseases of unknown origin.

Over 20 years, through over 7000 treatments, I’ve seen many patients suffering with illnesses of an unknown origin, who heard rumours of me and came from all over Japan for treatment at my Fukuoka clinic. At my clinic, before I look at a patient’s teeth, I measure the length of both of their legs. Usually the length of people’s left and right legs are different. However, surprisingly, when a patient has had their bite alignment fixed through treatment, the length of their legs becomes the same. When their bite is aligned, some people’s eyesight returns to full strength, and their condition improved.

Terrible headaches and back pain that patients have tried unsuccessfully to cure through other methods are improved just by realigning the patient’s bite. You can’t mistake the fact that the balance of the teeth is related to the whole of the rest of the body.” …Dr. Maratsu.