Our mission as Biophoton Light Practitioners is to restore the foundations of our clients’ health to that they regain the capacity for self-healing on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level.
We focus on keeping the body healthy, immune system working at optimum level..
especially in today’s new territory with viruses being shared around the world.This way, the awareness of their body’s signals and trust in its’ immune system is raised. This results in complete independence of outside help. The ultimate goal is to free everyone from the widespread misconceptions and illusions around illness and health and to re-ignite respect for nature’s intelligence.

Dr. Voll | EAV | Jaw Meridian Disturbances

Dr. Voll measuring with the EAV technology.

Meridians are “pathways” of energy flow through the body.
Each meridian follows a very specific pathway that includes specific organs, tissues, muscles, and bones. There are hundreds of meridians throughout the body.

After unsuccessfully searching for solutions from the many signals / symptoms  that the client may have, the Biontologist practitioner comes to realize that it is time to consider that such disturbances are coming from elsewhere in the body preventing the body to heal.


Jaw Meridian Disturbances | Measurement Implant Disturbance

Jaw Meridian Disturbance – Implant disturbances

When measuring with the Chiren™ device and finding drops on the JAW Meridian points.. we know that there definitely is a energy block somewhere on that organ meridian system.

It’s time to find the SOURCE..

Client has gone the “Specialists” / doctors.
they have checked the Esophagus,
they checked the HEART as well as
the Stomach using
Xrays / MRIs / Cameras etc….

ALL SHOWS NORMAL to the “specialists”

Nevertheless, the client is still in pain..
Can’t swallow…Can’t eat.. Hard to breath normally…
Has Heart Palpitations! 


From this tooth meridian chart,  you can look to see which organs can be affected by which tooth area!






If you turn on the television, there is a good chance you will see commercials touting the benefits of dental implants. Patient testimonials include glowing stories of new teeth transforming their smiles, giving them confidence, and improving their lives. With any medical procedure, patients are told to be informed but reliable information on the risks and complications associated with dental implants is difficult to find.

The FDA regulates medical devices.
The agency’s website includes pages detailing warnings for everything from hip and breast implants to blood glucose monitoring. Until recently, warnings for dental implants fell under a generic page titled “Implants and Prosthetics.”  The webpage does not mention the words “dental implants.”

FACTS such as we find below now available to us today!   We would never buy a car with such high failure rate!   FAILURE RATE 88%