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1 Studio & 1 Private Room
base of  Thunder Mountain walking distance to the Peace Park & Thunder Mountain hiking trails. 

You may call :  (808) 280-7756.  Happy to give a call to go over what a Biophoton Light Session entails, what to expect and answer any questions you may have.

1st session approximately 1.5 – 2 hours  
2nd & 3rd  sessions approximately 1:30 to 1:45 minutes. 

Experience the healing energies of Sedona!

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As Paramahansa Yogananda has stated,

“When modern science will discover how to go deep into the subtle electromagnetic constitution of man, it will be able to correct almost any medical condition in ways that would seem almost miraculous today.
In the future, healing will be affected more and more by use of various types of light rays. Light is what we are made of—not gross physical light, but the finer spiritualized light of prana, intelligent life energy. That light is the real essence of everything.

This earth is not “earth” as you see it; it is light. But you cannot perceive that until you know the underlying astral world.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Chotic Light versus Coherent Light - the CHIREN
Chotic Light versus Coherent Light - the CHIREN

Light can carry much higher octaves of information than electric current (often used by most other therapeutic devices), this technology corrects emotional and mental components of health problems as well as their physical components.

What this means is biophoton light therapy vastly improves the emotional and mental of ones physical health.

The CHIREN™ is completely safe because therapeutic light is administered via a feedback loop which self-regulates according to the body’s needs. Therefore there is absolutely no chance of any harm.

Johan Boswinkel - Inventor of the CHIREN®

Sedona Biophoton Light Therapy - the CHIREN®
Sedona Biophopton Light Sessions using EAV