NOW Available!

Accommodations included with Biophoton Light Therapy Sessions! 

Wish to schedule a Biophoton Light Session using the CHIREN?Coming to Sedona, Arizona?

Biophoton Light Therapy – Sedona

Now made available –  accommodations for those persons looking for a stay in Sedona while receiving a minimum of 3 treatments 3-4 days apart.   You would need approximately a 10 day stay!

Packaged to fit your budget!
Stay in one of several private homes available (bed and breakfast)!   All homes with spectacular views!
Visit our beautiful Sedona while receiving Biophoton Light therapy sessions with the CHIREN™.

Contact us for more information on PRICING, ACCOMMODATIONS and AVAILABLE DATES.

We look forward hearing from you soon!

Please do allow us 24 hours to reply to your email.  Also please do leave a phone contact number!

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April, 2014 – I want to thank you again for your treatments.

I had been suffering with adrenal fatigue for 1.5 years when I met you and tried the Chiren. It was the first thing that made me feel noticeably better in any lasting way. I received 9 more treatments and then let them do their work on by body over the next several months.

I am 3 years into my process now and feeling much better.

I truly believe working with you and the Chiren turned the tide for me and got me on the road to recovery.
Thank you again!

Kim Hollenback

Personal Trainer, Sedona, AZ

NOW Available! Accommodations included with Biophoton Light Therapy Sessions! 

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