Dr. Bruce Lipton on the Science of Quantum Biophysics - videos

"Invisible Biology: An Introduction to Quantum Biophysics"


Invisible Biology: An Introduction to Quantum Biophysics | Part l

..”If the signal molecule is a carrying a signal and the signal is involved with energy, then it turns out 98% to 99% of the available energy of the signal is dissipated, wasted as heat. So a chemical signal is roughly 1% or 2% efficient compared to a resonant vibrational signature, which is nearly 100% efficient.”

Bruce Lipton, PhD


Invisible Biology: An Introduction to Quantum Biophysics | Part ll

“Every atom or molecule emits and absorbs light of characteristic wavelengths.” The point is we are made out of atoms and molecules. Fact: our bodies by definition are emitting light and absorbing light.

Bruce Lipton, PhD

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