Bush Flower Essences of Australia, like the Bach Flower Remedies, can be used in the CHIREN treatments when working with emotional disturbances.

Ian White Founder B.Sc., N.D., D.B.M. – creator of the Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences
– Catalysts to unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs and create emotional health and well being


Alpine Mint Bush

Positive – revitalization, joy, renewal negative-mental and emotional exhaustion, lack of joy, weight of responsibility
Negative – mental and emotional exhaustion, lack of joy, weight of responsibility

Persons giving much of themselves both physically and emotionally, often listening to people in pain and need. These persons feel mental and emotional exhaustion, lack of joy, weight of responsibility.


Positive –attaining spiritual truth/protection, access to gifts from the past lifetimes, repairs whole energy field
Negative –spiritual confusion, interference wiht true spiritual connection, spiritual gullibility, looking for answers outside of self, spiritually “possess”

Protects from outside influences and entities so one can recieve clear information form’s Higher Self without ineterference. While Fringed Violet works to repair damage to the aura, Angelsword releases any energies that entered while the aura was open. Repairs whole energy field.


Positive Acceptance and open mindedness, embracing new concepts/ideasNegativeResistance to change, rigidity, annoyance

Bauhinia is said to help people who are resistant to change or new ideas, to aid them in becoming more receptive and open, both to new ideas and new people.

Billy Goat Plum

PositiveSexual pleasure, enjoyment, acceptance of one’s physical body
Negative Shame, inability to accept the physical self, physical loathing

Billy Goat Plum is claimed to help people with feelings of self-disgust or self-loathing, especially but not exclusively in regard to sex. It is said to help them overcome such feelings and develop a healthy acceptance of the physical body and enjoyment of sex.

Black-Eyed Susan

NegativeRushing, always on the go, impatience, always striving, over committed
Positive – Slowing down, ability to turn inward and be still, inner peace

This essence is said to help people who are impatient, always “on the go”, overcommitted and rushing. The essence is said to help them be more patient, peaceful and “centred”.


NegativeClosed, fear of lack, greed, rigidity
Positive – Opens the heart, belief in abundance, universal trust, joyful sharing, unconditional love

Bluebell is said to help “open the heart”. It is for people who are cut off from their feelings and cannot express them, often afraid to let go of possessions, and often controlled and rigid. The essence is supposed to help them open up, to be more trusting and sharing.


Negative: taking on negative family thought patterns, repetition of past negative experiences
releases, past negative actions within families, abuse, prejudice. Releases negative thought patterns, releases deep held emotion

Clears negative emotional and mental family patterns passed from one generation to another. Clears core patterns and all related ensuing beliefs. Also clears the negative lines of karma between people.


Negative: Obsessive thoughts, pining, broken hearted
Positive: Clarity, Serenity, Creative Visualization

Boronia is said to help in situations where someone cannot get someone out of their head, situations where they are pining for a lost love or something similar. It is also said to help people who are obsessively thinking about something and cannot obtain peace of mind.


Negative: Unresolved, mother issues, Overwhelmed by major life changes – , old age, adolescence parenthood, pregnancy approaching death
Positive: Serenity and calm, ability to cope and move on, mother-child bonding

This essence is said to help in situations where someone is having difficulty adjusting to major changes in life or substantially new and challenging roles, eg parenthood, major career change, impending death and so on. The essence is said to help them cope with new changes and give them the ability to move on.

Bush Fuchsia

Negative: Switched off, nervousness about public speaking, ignoring “gut” feelings, clumsy
Postive: Courage to speak out, clarity, in touch with intuition, integration of information, integration of male and female within the one person

Bush Fuchsia is said to help with problems of self-expression, inhibition, dyslexia, nervousness and similar problems. It is supposed to give people a new calm, clarity and fluency in expressing themselves. Helps connect head to heart .

Bush Gardenia

Negative: Stale relationships, self interest, unaware
Positive: Passion, renews interest in parter, improves communication

This essence is claimed to help couples find a new interest in each other and inject new energy into their relationship if things between them have been going stale. It is said to help with families as well as romantic relationships.

Bush Iris

Negative: fear of death, materialism, atheism, physical excess, avarice
Positive: awakening of spirituality, acceptance of death as transition state

Bush Iris is said to aid in spiritual awakening, to promote spiritual awareness and open the door to further spiritual growth. It is claimed to enhance meditation and similar disciplines and, for people who are materialistic, to help them to have a more balanced outlook.


Negative: Continual worrying, a sense of being. “not quite right”
Positive: Peace and calm, Balances and centers the individual

Crowea is said to help people who are worried and anxious, often for no apparent reason. It is said to help them feel calmer, more “centred” and more peaceful. It is also said to have a general “balancing” effect on the body and feelings in a way that is similar to a treatment of Kinesiology.

Dagger Hakea

Negative: Resentment, bitterness towards close family, friends, lovers
Positive: Forgiveness, open expression of feelings

This essence is said to help resolve feelings of resentment and bitterness that have accumulated.

Dog Rose

Negative: Fearful, shy, insecure, apprehensive with other people, niggling fears
Positive: Confidence, belief in self, Courage, Ability to embrace life more fully

Dog Rose is said to help with everyday, niggling fears, anxieties, shyness, apprehension and insecurity.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces

Negative: Fear of losing control, hysteria, pain with no apparent cause
Positive: Calm and centered in times of inner and outer turmoil, emotional balance

Deals with fear, fear of losing control, when the emotions they are feeling within themselves or immediately around them them are just so intense there is a sense of losing total control. Helps to teach the necessity of gaining control over the emotions.

Five Corners

Negative: Low self esteem, dislike of self, crushed, held in personality, clothing drab and colorless
Postive: Love andAcceptance of self, celebration of own beauty joyousness

Five Corners is said to help with feelings of low self-esteem, self-dislike and lack of self-acceptance.

Flannel Flower

Negative: Dislike of being touched, lack of sensitivity in males, uncomfortable with intimacy
Positive: Gentleness and sensitivity in touching, trust, openness, expression of feelings, joy in physical activity.

This essence is claimed to help with a dislike of physical closeness and intimacy, dislike of being touched; and to promote a liking of physical activity.

Fringed Violet

Negative: Damage to aura, Distress, Lack of psychic protection
Positive : Removal of effects of recent or old distressing events, heals damage to aura, psychic protection

Fringed Violet is said to help people recover from shock and trauma, as well as fear and fragility after an attack.

Grey Spider Orchid

Negative: Nightmares and phobias from past life experiences, intense negative reactions to the sight of blood
Positive: Telepathic communication, ability to withhold information until timing is appropriate, attunement

This essence is said to help with feelings of extreme terror, as distinct from more niggling fears and anxieties.

Grey Spider Flower

Negative: Terror, Fear of super natual and psychic attack
Positive: faith, calm, courage

This essence is said to help with feelings of extreme terror, as distinct from more niggling fears and anxieties.


Negative: Fanatical about self improvement, driven to acquire knowledge, excessive self discipline, superiority
Positive: Content with own knowledge, acceptance, ownership and utilization of own knowledge

Hibbertia is supposed to help people who are always accumulating knowledge because it gives them a sense of superiority over others.

Illawarra Flame Tree

Negative: overwhelming sense of rejection, fear of responsibility
Positive: Confidence, commitment, self reliance, self approval

This essence is said to help people who are afraid of rejection and hold back as a result.


Negative: Inability to learn from past experience, stubborn, controlling personality
Positive: Ability to learn from past experience, retrieval of forgotten skills, relating without manipulating or controlling, ability to remember the past

Isopogon is said to help with a variety of mental and intellectual issues, including the need to learn from mistakes and the need to recall learned skills.


Negative: cscattered, changeable, dithering, rushing
Positive: decisiveness, quick thinking, centred

This essence is said to help people who are scattered and unfocused, dithering and undirected.

Kangaroo Paw

Negative: Gauche, unaware, insensitive, inept, clumsy
Positive: Kindness, sensitivity, savoir faire, enjoyment of people, relaxed

Kangaroo Paw is said to help people who are socially inept and need more social skills, sensitivity towards others and general social awareness.

Kapok Bush

Negative: Apathy, resignation, discourage, half hearted
Postive: Willinness, application, “give it a go”, persistence, perception

This essence is said to help people who give up easily, are easily discouraged, do not follow through.


helps the person to be conscious with the moment of dead, and look for the light. Lichen assists the etheric and the physical bodies t0 separate and to prepare for passing over.

Little Flannel Flower

Negative: denial of the “child” within, seriousness in children, grimness in adults
Positive: care free, playfulness, joyful

Little Flannel Flower is claimed to help people discover the “inner child”, to counteract excess seriousness and lack of a sense of fun.


Negative: drained, jaded, worn out
Positive: enthusiasm, inner strength, endurance

This essence is said to stimulate the adrenal system and thus provide renewal and freshness to people who are burned out.

Mountain Devil

Negative: hatred, anger, holding grudges, suspiciousness
Positive: unconditional love, happiness

This essence is said to clear strong, negative feelings like anger and hatred, so that “unconditional love” can come through.

Mulla Mulla

Negative: fear of flames and hot objects:
Positive: reduces the effects of fire and sun, feeling comfortable with fire and heart

This essence is said to be associated with heat and fire and thus allegedly helps to clear up any trauma associated with burns.

Old Man Banksia

Negative: Weary, phlegmatic personalities, disheartened, frustrated:
Positive: Enjoyment of life, renews enthusiasm, interest in life

Old Man Banksia is said to help people who feel sluggish, worn out, over-committed and low in energy, possibly with low thyroid activity.

Paw Paw

Negative: overwhelm, unable to resolve problems, burdened by decision
Positive: unproved access to Higher self for problem solving

Paw Paw is said to promote intuition and guidance from “Higher Self”, thus helping particularly when people feel overwhelmed by an important decision.

Peach-Flowered Tea-Tree

Negative: mood swings, lack of commitment to follow through projects, easily bored, hypochondriacs
Positive: ability to complete project, personal stability, take responsibility for one’s health

This essence is said to help people who have mood swings, tend to lose enthusiasm and not follow through, and are sometimes hypochondriacs.


Negative: inability to accept acknowledgment, excessive generosity
Positive: ability to receive love and acknowledgement, ability to let in praise

This essence is said to help people who have trouble accepting praise and acknowledgement from others, and recognising their own qualities.

Red Grevillea

Negative: feeling stuck, oversensitive, affected by criticism and unpleasant people
Positive: boldness, strength to leave unpleasant situations, indifference to the judgement of others

This essence is supposed to help people who feel stuck, have trouble moving on, and are often too reliant on others.

Red Helmet Orchid

Negative: rebelliousnes, hot-headed, unresolved father issues, selfishness
Postivie: male bonding, sensitivity, respect, consideration

This essence is said to help men bond with their children, and also to help resolve resentment towards male authority figures.

Red Lily

Negative: vague, disconnected, split, lack of focus, daydreaming
Positive: ground, focused, living ind the present, connection with life and God

Red Lily is said to help people be more grounded when they need more balance in the “spiritual and earthly planes”; for people over the age of 28.

Red Suva Frangipani

Negative: initial grief, sadness and upset of either a relationship at rock bottom or of the death of a loved one, emotional upheaval, turmoil and rawness
Positive: feeling calm and nurtured, inner peace and strength to cope

Addresses the great emotional intensity, difficulty and hardship that people can go through when a relationship is ending, going through a very “rocky” period. Feeling greatly disturbed, not suicidal as in case of Waratah, but torn apart by the event or situation.

Rough Bluebell

Negative: deliberately hurtful, manipulative, exploitive or malicious
Positive: compassion, release of one’s inherent love vibration, sensitivity

Helps people fully express the love vibration innate within them. People who are very manipulative and for those who are deliberately malicious. Good for those who play the role of the martyr and like to have others obligated to them.

She Oak

Negative: female imbalance, in ability to conceive for non-physical reasons
Positive: emotionally open to conceive, female balance

This essence is said to help with female problems, including women who have trouble getting pregnant for no apparent reason.

Silver Princess

Negative: aimless, despondent, feeling flat, lack of direction
Positive: motivation, direction, life purpose

This essence is supposed to help people find their aim in life when they are listless, directionless and uncertain of their direction.

Slender Rice Flower

Negative: prejudice, racism, narrow mindedness, comparison with others
Positive: humility, group harmony, co-operation, perception of beauty in other

This essence is said to overcome prejudice and narrowmindedness, thus promoting tolerance and harmony.

Southern Cross

Negative: victim mentality, complaining, bitter, martyrs, poverty consciousness
Positive: personal power, taking responsibility, positiveness

Southern Cross is supposed to help with the “victim mentality”, with a sense of powerlessness, lack of control and of getting nowhere.


Negative: sense of being a victim to illness
Positive: empowers one through emotional understanding of illness

This essence is said to have a cleansing action that can help with candida, parasites, micro-organisms and waste products. Use for Herpes, Chlamydia, bacterial infections of the lungs, damage to nerve endings

Sturt Desert Pea

Negative: emotional pain,deep hurt, sadness
Positive: letting go, triggers healthy grieving, releases deep held grief and sadness

Ian White describes this as one of the most powerful essences, which is said to help in resolving long-term sadness, pain and sense of loss.

Sturt Desert Rose

Negative: guilt, regret and remorse, low self esteem, easily led
Positive: courage, conviction, true to self, integrity

This essence is said to resolve feelings of guilt and low self-esteem, and to help people be true to themselves.


Negative: vagueness, disconnectedness, split, indecisive, lack of focus, daydreaming
Positive: attention to detail, grounded, focused, living in the present

This essence is similar to Red Lily and is said to help with grounding, especially for people up to the age of 28.

Sunshine Wattle

Negative: stuck in the past expectation of a grim future, struggle
Positive: optimism, acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present, open to a bright future

This essence is supposed to help people who are gloomy and pessimistic, especially as a result of a long history of bad luck.

Sydney Rose

Spiritual growth and consciousness that everything is one thing together


Tall Yellow Top

Negative: alientation, loneliness, isolation
Positive: sense of belonging, acceptance of self and others, knowing that you are “home”, ability to reach out

This essence is said to help with feelings of alienation, not belonging, of feeling that one was born on the wrong planet.

Turkey Bush

Negative: creative block, desbelief in own creative ability
Postive: inspired creativity, creative expression, focus, renews artistic confidence.

This essence is supposed to put people in touch with their creativity and help them overcome blocks and lack of believe in their abilities.


Negative: despair, hopelessness, inability to respond to a crisis
Postive: Courage, tenacity, adaptability, strong faith, enhancement of survival skills


Waratah is said to help with depression and to also help people remember and utilise old survival skills when needed.

Wedding Bush

Negative: difficult with commitment
Postive: commitment to relationships, commitment to goals, dedication to life purpose

This essence is supposed to help people who have trouble making commitments, whether in relationships, marriage, employment or even life goals.

Wild Potato Bush

Negative: weighed down, feeling encumbered
Positive: ability to move on in life, freedom, renews enthusiasm

This essence is said to help people who feel weighed down and encumbered by any kind of physical restriction or limitation.


Negative: feeling uncomfortable with sex, closed sexually
Positive: sexual enjoyment, enhanced sensuality, sexual openness, gentleness

Wisteria is said to mainly help women, specifically with feelings of sexual frigidity and general tension and inhibitions about sex.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid


This essence is said to help with a tendency to be excessively critical, nitpicking, judgmental and officious.

Andere medicijnen kunnen echter ED-symptomen verergeren of zelfs problemen verergeren. Veel mannen moeten de behandeling over meerdere behandelingen aanpassen om verdere problemen te voorkomen.

Later Essences

More essences were developed by Ian White as time went by. The following are a small sample:

Green Spider Orchid

This essence is said to help with nightmares, phobias and negative reactions to the sight of blood.

Red Suva Frangipani

Said to help with grief and sadness caused by a dying relationship or the loss of a loved one, or general turmoil.

Sydney Rose

This essence is said to help with feelings of being separate, alienated, unloved and isolated.

Christmas Bell

Said to help with feelings of lack and material deprivation.

Companion Essences

These essences are referred to as ‘Companion Essences’ because they are prepared in the same manner as a flower essence, however, are made from plant material rather than a flower.

Autumn Leaves

This essence is said to help those who are dying and to aid them in letting go.


This essence is also said to help those who are dying and having trouble making the “transition” from this world to the next.

Green Essences

Said to help with any yeast, mould or parasite, and to have a purifying effect.

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