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The Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences, investigates applications. It has been researching the applications since 1982.

If a human has a physical, emotional or mental problem, then the CAUSE always lies in the quality of the light. The symptoms, that are often called diseases, are only events meant to attract attention to the underlying problem. A symptom is NOT a disease, but the disease attracts the symptom. A disease is only a disturbance in the quality of the light by another signal.

This signal can come from a vaccination or bacteria or from a bad relationship with your mother or from anything else. The body has the ability to make those signals known subtly. It often gives signals that something might be wrong. But we do not hear the signals or ignore them. Then the body will give off a stronger signal and this goes on until we get symptoms that we cannot ignore anymore.

Then we go to see the doctor who prescribes medication or a surgery. But the cause only lies in the quality of the light which can be easily restored. The moment it has turned physical, it can still be restored by correcting the quality of the light.

From that moment the light will give off the correct signals again and the whole biochemistry will follow its proper path again. It is essential for this process that your pituitary gland functions properly because there lies the discrimination system of the body.

The body has to discriminate between what is right or wrong for it. This function of the pituitary gland is always disturbed by the polio vaccination. In fact, this discrimination function is paralyzed by the vaccination. The effects of this vaccination can be easily neutralized after which the body cooperates again with the self-healing.

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