Major Flower Essences for Trauma From Around the World

flannel-flower-5Major Flower Essences for Trauma From Around the World
©2008 by Daniela Galbiati – holistic healthcare practitioner and flower essence consultant

Flower essence therapy helps us to heal deeply. Remedies make us feel better at all levels, in mind, body and spirit. They transform our way of living life, transform our minds and emotional patterns in a sweet, natural way, and allow us to get nearer to our true Self.

There are a few remedies from different companies around the world that I find particularly interesting in my practice for their sweet action in cases of trauma. I use them both at the beginning of therapy, to give comfort or faith in the inner healing sources, and in an advanced process when it is the moment to work on deep traumas, to accept what has happened and to catalyse further growth. The meeting with the client is always the most important factor in deciding the appropriate mix at the right moment.

Star of Bethlehem — Bach’s Major Healer for Trauma

Star of Bethlehem is Bach’s remedy for trauma. The flower’s name and form remind us of the star that guided the Magi to Bethlehem. Its shape and bright white colour prompt us to remember the light. As we use it, the light enters again into our life, eases our suffering, and guides us towards our true Self, towards our deepest healing. Star of Bethlehem remedy helps people to contact the physical or emotional wound and integrate it, finding peace, comfort and wellness.
It reassures us that the threat is removed, and helps in the healing process.

Bach suggested this remedy for people who refuse comfort. The Flower of Star withers when you pick it or when the sun disappears in the sky, so you can immediately see its shock. Likewise, people “wither” when they experience trauma. This remedy helps us to find our entire Self once more, and closes physical or emotional wounds. It is one of the ingredients in Rescue Remedy, the emergency remedy of Bach flowers.

Trauma Remedies from Australia

Among the Australian Bush Flower Essences, I find that Boab, Bottlebrush, Fringed Violet and Angelsword are especially interesting aids in the healing process.

Boab can bring deep changes; it clears family and karmic patterns and beliefs. The Aborigines give birth lying on a bed of Boab flowers, so that its healing properties clears the newborn of any family patterns — it’s a good help to start life right! Alone or mixed with other remedies, I use it for those who compare themselves with their parents… “I’m like my mother that never says no to anyone” or “I suffer from headaches like my father.”

Boab is also a useful essence in advanced work in consciousness when the client needs to interrupt family or group patterns. Boab helps us to recognize, accept, and cut loose from these patterns. The remedy helps us to discover ourselves, free from others’ influence. Its action is rapid on children, while with adults it sometimes needs to be repeated for a long time.

Bottlebrush is shaped like a brush, and brushes away old experiences — everything that is old and negative for us — and makes space for the new so we can go forward. It’s similar to Walnut (Bach’s remedy) in helping us face changes internally or in our everyday lives.

Boab helps us release the past and open more easily to the new — a new job, house, relationship — so that we open up to a new way of life when we lose a person or a relationship ends. The remedy gives faith in our inner forces to cope with the new situation. I’ve noticed that Walnut is softer and sweeter than Bottlebrush, letting us take the time to accept change. It protects us and helps us to adapt to the new situations, while Bottlebrush accelerates changes with a more rapid action — it’s an energetic brush.

Fringed Violet is the healer of the Aura; every kind of trauma breaks or fragments our etheric field. Fringed Violet and Angelsword are the right mixture in such cases.

Fringed Violet repairs the damage in the Aura while Angelsword protects from outside influences, maintaining a good balance in the energy field.

Fringed Violet knows the right moment when the shock happened and helps to neutralize it — even if happened a long time ago. It’s also suggested for healing abuse, including sexual abuse. Combine it with Wisteria for women, or with Flannel Flower for men. In cases of sexual or physical abuse, the remedies are obviously an adjunct to good psychotherapy.

In cases of children who are frightened when adults shout at them, it seems that Fringed Violet creates a shield (their aura grows stronger) when added to a remedy for fear (Mimulus, Dog Rose), or for self-esteem (Larch, Sunflower).

Angelsword can be read in two ways: as “the word of Angels” or “the sword of Angels”. It’s a great protection! I often add a remedy like Angelsword or Angelica (FES) when comfort is needed. It seems to lend an angelic presence that protects and guides us in receiving the message that remedies bring us. When we try to emerge from a dark moment or a deep wound, I think that “the word of Angel” or “the sword of Angel” is an important help.

Self-Heal: It Means Just What It Says!

Among FES’s remedies, I think that Self-Heal is the most important in a deep healing process, be the task physical or emotional. Its name explains its function: it gives confidence in our inner healing power, bringing the courage and trust necessary for healing on all levels. It reminds us of the healing power of Nature and of our own inner nature; it connects us with forces of renewal.

Self-Heal can enhance many flower essence combinations. I usually add it when people need to have faith that their troubles will lead to a better situation, and that they have the power to cope with a long illness or a difficult situation. Where we might have asked for help from the Angels, now we turn to our inner power, our Self.

I often use Self-Heal at the beginning of essence therapy, as it helps people to become aware of the conflicts and attitudes that deny them well-being. It helps them become capable of taking responsibility for their own healing, and gives them faith that they really can heal themselves. It shows them that the source of healing comes from within.

We have many precious remedies at our disposal to heal day-to-day problems, as well as for deep old ones. Flower essence therapy is sweet and powerful at the same time. Its purpose is to heal us in mind, body and spirit, so that we become free from sorrow and illness.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniela Galbiati is a holistic healthcare practitioner, specializing as a flower essences consultant in Milan, Italy. She is a member of R.I.F. (Italian Register of Flower Essence Therapists). Her practice includes also chromotherapy and psychosomatic counselling. She can be contacted by e-mail.

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