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Homeopaths are always very careful in prescribing high potencies. Why?

In figure B the disease is equal to the remedy, so it is perfect. Complete resonance, complete coherency, so we have the correct potency. For a homeopath, which works in the classical way, hitting the right potency is complete luck.

In figure A the remedy is far stronger than the disease. This is the case with a potency that is too high. In this case the remedy will cause problems again or will worsen the existing ones.


In the CHIREN (formerly know as the”StarLight”) we have included 10 different potencies of all nosodes (homeopathised diseases, bacteria, viruses) with 10 different frequencies, thereby increasing the chance of hitting a complete resonance by 1000% and we are using ONLY potencies with a potency of D9 and higher. Also in this respect it is a unique instrument.

Because on the energetic levels the body only works on resonance and coherency, the body will pick out only that potency (=frequency) with which it has a 100% resonance.

You cannot give too much, as is the case with classical homeopathy. The moment the disease is neutralised, the resonance disappears and the body will not take anymore.

This is not the case with remedies taken orally.  But also the coherency matters. Bacteria, viruses, etc. mutate while they are in the body.

Any nosode (=remedy) is always based on the state of a bacteria or tissue at that moment that the bacteria is killed, or the tissue taken from the body.

If at a later moment this nosode is matched to the body, it will give a resonance based on frequency. The coherency is however not there, therefore no neutralisation will take place.

For example: Streptococcen and Staphylococcen have become resistant to all kinds of antibiotics and have therefore mutated. Their coherency is different from anything we have at our disposal at the moment.

Nosodes, which are available from various companies, are based on past generations of those bacteria.

The CHIREN/StarLight mutates the bacteria in the body back to the stage in which they once where. Until about 3 or 4 treatments later, the bacteria in the body will match exactly the frequencies of the nosodes. The coherency was matching again.

At that moment the bacteria are neutralised.

What “neutralised” exactly means we do not know. In any case they are not there anymore. Whether they become electrically neutral and therefore lose their binding with the tissue and are then excreted or whether they disappear into a black hole, is unknown.

Since it is known that elementary particles are in reality mini black holes we assume that they disappear into a black hole and appear again in a parallel universe.

In diagnosing allergies for example, it is very difficult to determine on which system to test the allergies on and with what.  Because the way a food is outside the body, is totally different from which a food is on the inside, when it has been chewed, is in touch with stomach acid or metabolising juices.

Everything that is not the body’s own, is a poison. So if you test a food substance, you are testing the substance unchanged as it is before the metabolism changes it or excretes it. In this way every system will react negative on even food substances, because it cannot handle unchanged substances. It will have to change them.

Allergies normally act on the mucous membranes of the body. They are known as “overreactions”. But why does the body overreact? Because there always is a basic disturbance. It is generally a food poisoning, which affects the mucous membranes. When you remove this disturbance, the allergies are generally gone.

The mucous membranes are still instable, but their largest problem has gone, namely the food poisoning.

Why did the body not react on the food poisoning before? Because the immune system did not recognize the bacteria as invaders and tolerated them.

At the moment the immune system tolerates almost everything. In earlier times the body might have reacted with vomiting and diarrhoea, or fever. Now it does not react anymore.

We as people are taught to tolerate almost anything at present, because we hear more and more “you have to learn to live with it”, and this saying does not apply just to medicine, but to many things in society too.

 The immune system

What is exactly the immune system? Can we diagnose the condition of the immune system ?

We often see a mention on a label or in the advertisements “strengthens the immune system”, but looking in any anatomy or physiology book does not reveal the location of the immune system. Even very advanced systems like Quantum Coherency Diagnostic systems do not reveal what the immune system is or where it is.

The immune system consists basically of all body systems. There is really no organ or vessel in the body that does not belong to the immune system. But the organs take their orders from the hormonal system and most hormonal glands take their orders from one master gland: the pituitary gland. A tiny piece of the body, but so powerful.

In medicine from India, the pituitary gland is also the “centre of discrimination”, in other words the gland has to discriminate whether something is good or bad. If it is good, then the body should tolerate it. If something is bad however, the pituitary gland should sound the alarm and activate the body’s defensive systems. This does not happen anymore!!! This function of the pituitary gland is immobilized in everybody who  has had the vaccination against poliomyelitis.

So in reality the immune system is no longer existent thanks to this vaccination of which the effect has never been proven.

The master gland is hurt and more or less unconscious.

The other vaccination that is very dangerous is the anti-tetanus shot. This vaccination hits the parathyroid, the seat of the calcium metabolism. If the calcium metabolism goes wrong then you might get things like arteriosclerosis or gall- or kidney stones, thyroid problems or ever recurring tonsillitis or otitis(media).

Together the malfunctioning pituitary and parathyroid glands cause an over-functioning of the pancreas (too much insulin is being produced) and a huge depletion of the adrenals.

Thousands and thousands of cases of quantum diagnosis and therapy have proven this. And the resulting therapy proves most of the time to be nothing less than miraculous. The moment the disturbances of the vaccinations have been taken away, the body suddenly wakes up out of its unconscious state and starts cooperating in the healing process and shows its remarkable capabilities.

One example of such miracle:

A boy of 4 years old had cysts on his kidneys and had high blood pressure with an under pressure of 130 all his life and because of that he was put on beta-blockers. He was already taking these medications since before he was one year old. He was always tired and was only able to go half days to school.

Quantum diagnosis revealed a chaos in his hormonal system, also resulting in a lot of troubles in his gallbladder, which makes the blood vessels cramp.

The removal of the disturbances, caused by the vaccinations, lead the cysts on his kidneys to disappear and his blood pressure to drop to 49. This low blood pressure was of course caused by the beta- blockers.

He was suddenly a normal child again, had plenty of energy and was able to go whole days to school again.And this was all achieved in three treatments of 2 minutes each within one week.

If the hormonal system is in disorder the body simply tolerates everything, also the things that are not good and it does NOT cooperate in healing. But once the system is in order the body immediately puts all its capabilities at your disposal and these self healing, self regenerating possibilities are enormous.

All things that are strengthening the immune system are only doing that when the system is in itself in order. If the body does not care, which is the case when the pituitary gland is malfunctioning, then the remedies that are used for the strengthening have only a very limited impact.

The idea behind strengthening the immune system is to raise its vibrations so that bacteria, viruses have no resonance anymore with the body and will “fly over” without seeing the body as a ground for nutrition and life.

The weaker the body is, the lower its vibrations.

If you are attacked by a virus or bacterium, you are resonating at their level and it is like love at first sight, the bacteria or viruses immediately fall in love with you and visit you and you have a date, which you might not appreciate.

The cleaner you are, the higher frequency your oscillations are and the less resonance with the low energy patterns of the various illnesses and infections.

We are really walking antennas. We receive what we are tuned in to.

Children’s diseases only affect children because of their length and they will literally grow out of them. By their growth they change the frequencies to which they are tuned to and the frequencies of the children’s diseases do not find a resonance anymore and they disappear.


Quantum Coherency Diagnosis can reveal everything that is in the body, because everything has a frequency. Cancer takes a while before it manifests, but you can see it long before.

20 years ago you could see cancer about 18 months before it manifested, nowadays you can only see it about 3-6 months before. Everything goes faster.

I said you can see everything, but that is not always true. The body has the very often used capacity to produce endorphins.

Every nerve can produce endorphins, the body’s own morphine and endorphins suppress all symptoms. The nerves do this on instruction of the pituitary gland. When the body is under any type of stress it starts to produce them. They are the body’s own pain killers.  An aspirin or marihuana work via the body’s endorphins. Both disturb the pituitary gland, it gets stressed and orders the nerves the nerves to produce morphine. Jogging works exactly the

same way. A jogger’s high or a high from marihuana are exactly the same thing and caused by the body’s own morphine.

If the body is producing endorphins on a large scale, even the Quantum Coherency diagnosis does not reveal anything. Then everything appears in order.

High endorphin levels are characteristic for all auto-immune diseases, like M.E. or AIDS. They suppress all possible things and can do so for a long time.  In this phase people feel excellent.

But their body does not react on  “invaders” and at a certain moment the suppressed infections or diseases become so bad that the body cannot suppress them anymore and gives up endorphin production.

At that moment all kinds of things break out. But at such a time the body has too much to do. Too much, because it has to fight all those problems that had not been addressed all those years. It tries to throw all kinds of things off and symptoms appear.

At that moment therapy is very successful. Not by putting anything (medication, vitamins, minerals) into the body, but taking toxins out. You must support the body.

Negative ions

In the case of AIDS it is to be recommended that those people buy themselves a negative ionizer. They will find that their T-cell levels go back to normal within 2 weeks.

Positive ions are produced a lot these days. All big cities and dry sunny areas of the world are saturated with positive ions. Not a single negative ion can be measured in those environments. Negative ions are found near the water or high up in the mountains.

Since 1987 the sun has been going crazy with ever more sunspots and solar flares. In some instances they are so heavy that our computers crash, our means of communication are heavily disturbed or power stations burn through, as was recently the case.

In Europe the radio stations warned the population of these facts, but they also said that it was not dangerous for people.

Nothing is less true. They are VERY dangerous for people.

Sunspots and solar flares bring about the solar wind. A wind of positively charged particles (positive ions) makes its way towards the earth and mixes with the earth plasma, thereby causing the aurora borealis. It however also affects the earth magnetic field. It causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It brings so much tension in the earth and on the earth.

It will bring all animals that navigate on the earth magnetic field off course.

Car accidents increase a ten fold, heart attacks are four time higher, suicides more than triple  and it is not dangerous for people?

Surgery performed at those times often does not go as planned, because of unexpected bleedings. The scalpels get magnetized. Wound infections are rampant.  This is nothing new, because I  learned it in the hospital in which I worked in 1977!!!    Yet, nobody cares anymore.

This is what positive ions do. The opposite things are done by negative ions. But negative ions are normally only caused by water. Because the solar rhythm has been disrupted since 1987.

The solar cycle is normally around 11,5 years, in which a period of high solar activity is followed by a period of very few sun spots or solar flares. Since 1987 there has however been no period anymore with low activity. To the contrary the activity has been going up all the time and at the moment is about 300% higher than it was 20 years ago.


This is the sole reason why the incident of AIDS is getting worse and worse. Not because of the virus, because there is no virus.

Of course you should not have anal sex, you should not use intravenous drugs and you should not accept blood transfusions or anything else intravenously.

Because all these things bring foreign protein into the body in a way that evades the metabolism. The metabolism is there to break all down into something the body can use. If you force it into the body, circumventing the metabolism, the substances remain toxins.

What kind of treatment should I try?
You can do your own tests to determine if there is a problem with your erectile function this site. A test may then be made to be carried out to examine the level and consistency of erection in your penile area.

But the negative/positive ion ratio in the air is the main reason for AIDS. In the regions where AIDS occurs a lot the ratio is 0/200, while the optimum ratio is 70/30. This is ONLY due to the solar activity.

Unfortunately there are no waterfalls and nowhere near enough water in Africa to combat the deficiency in the immune system, nor are there any electrical outlets to generate the negative ions artificially. But in our western world there are plenty of opportunities to combat the disease effectively.
© Copyright 2003 by Foreign Correspondent  Dr. Johan Boswinkel, Switzerland
(Explore Issue: Volume 13, Number 1)

Dr. Johan  Boswinkel is biophysicist and was the only successful therapist for  the New Zealand  AIDS Foundation and the New Zealand and Dutch M.E. Foundations(M.E.= myalgic encephalomyelitis).   Apart from extensive research he operates two Centers  for Photon Coherency Therapy   in Switzerland and in  The Netherlands

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