Real People, Real Results From 2012 - 2023


2022 Aspen, CO. – Biontology is a miracle and it works quickly!  My teenage daughter was having health issues from a vaccine for girls that the pediatrician “pushed” on us. We tried many forms of detoxing, and this is the only thing that brought results… And it worked incredibly fast!  Sandra was able to read what the body needed and deliver it – miraculous!  Additionally, she was able to clear old viruses, childhood vaccines toxins, antibiotics, toxic chemicals. My daughters health is restored and she is feeling better than ever.  We are eternally grateful to Sandra for her skill, talent and kind, generous spirit.  💕

2022 Aspen, CO.


2021 Oklahoma

After my “injection” last year from “following the science” I was left with no choice but to get alternative help. The Biophoton light sessions helped me greatly. It took a while to clear out many unwanted issues that had developed in my body. As a mother, I am deeply concerned about these toxins that are not biodegradable in my body, much less in our children. This type of clearing of toxins just resonated with me. Had to give it a try.. I was really surprised at the results. Grateful for this technology, grateful I had a choice.

January 2021 - Beth A



I have experimented with Biophoton Light Therapy from different Practitioners and without using the Zyto cradle scans.  Sandra’s brilliant combination of both technologies results in faster and more productive healing.
The addition of the Zyto technology way of measuring, in my opinion, is far more proficient in uncovering effective formulas/remedies that may have been missed by the previous practitioners. Biophoton light measuring with the EAV alone, relies heavily on the practitioners discernment / sensitivity, which in my experience leads to a great deal of trial and error.

January 2019 - Dave B.


I felt AWESOME when I left!   As soon as I got into the car I said,
“WOW.  I haven’t felt like this in a long time.  My gratitude is back!”
And my tremors /shaking has almost completely stopped!!!!!!!

And its March 11 now and I am still not shaking/tremoring !!!
WELL DONE, Ms Levarek!

Februray 2018 - Sunni

D.D. , SacredBirthing.com

2013 Sedona, AZ – An allopathic physician looked at my test results and said two things to me: “I don’t know if I can save you, but we’ll try” and whatever she said next I don’t remember. All the burning and pain in the body turned to numbness.
I had arrived at the physician’s office not able to digest food (I had lost over 40 pounds and weighed about 80 pounds), sleep more that a few hours at a time, lived in an environment without even a light bulb turned on, could hardly walk and trying to function with a loss of over 40 IQ points – due to Uranium, Lead and Mercury poisoning. I was also radioactive!
The body had less than a year of life left to offer me. With all these symptoms, I landed on the doorstep of Sandra Levarek with hopes that the Chiren® technology would provide me with some relief – even a nights sleeps seemed like a wonderful outcome.
A series of small improvements were noticeable after each treatment, which was augmenting IV therapy from a local office. After a handful of visits, the body began to really respond. The most noticeable change was that I was able to sleep for longer than 2-3 hours, and because I was not always in a reverse spin, began to tolerate a light bulb turned on in the evenings – that made the cat very happy because I was not constantly stepping on her. The body overall was much calmer and I began to feel emotionally stronger and able to offer the body some healing energy.
Sandra was very accommodating to my situation and during the high desert monsoon season she would assist me with little notice. My life-threatening situation would test her competency. With her support, today I am well on my way to recovery.  Sandra also continues to investigate new information, which she lovingly brings to her practice with enthusiasm. I carry her business cards wherever I go and gladly offer them to anyone with an open mind to the alternatives of the drug therapy of conventional medicine.

November 2013 - Jeanette Ryan

Owner, Mendingwing LLC

2012 Santa Cruz, CAI was diagnosed with “Hashimotos Disease”, told that I had to get onto SYNTHROID for the rest of my life.
After 6 sessions with the CHIREN, I did a “retested” by doctors, who were so happy to see that the Synthroid worked after seeing all numbers were back to normal!.. However, when I told them I did not use Synthroid.. at all, they said that there must somewhere a mistake..!?#
Working with Sandra has been life changing. I have suffered with a chronic debilitating auto immune disorder for many years. In a few sessions, Sandra was able to pin point and treat the underlying cause of my illness. I am so grateful to her.

November 2012 - Stephanie Parodi - Santa Cruz, CA

Musician / Singer

2013 Seattle, WA – Have suffered from Shingles for years, I began sessions with Sandra working with the Chiren in December 2012, once a week..  I honestly did not have much hope to rid myself of Shingles since having tried everything on the market for years. After 6 sessions, I began to get relief.  Now 3 months later and I am still doing good…..2014

January 2013 - Amber Cook

Writer, Photographer

2012 Sedona, AZ – After one year of sharp lower back pain, one treatment with the Chiren gave me relief.. My energy level increased, my sleep improved.. It was simply amazing.

April 2012 -Gwen Payne

Working Mother of 2

2022 – “In my first session, Sandra tested my tooth meridians (USING the EAV MEASURING DEVICE) and identified a problem tooth that I had complained about.
Subsequently, I went to my dentist, but after a 3D x-ray and visual exam, he advised me that the tooth was fine and did not need extraction. Am I glad I didn’t listen to him!
After extracting the tooth, the dentist found the tooth, pocket and jawbone were badly infected.
So much for x-rays and visual examinations.”  

“Thank you, Sandra, for helping me clear the infections from my mouth!” 

October 2022 - Craig F.

Retired from Tuscon

2021 Sedona – Recurring Bladder infections..that had been with me for years.. I got relief after just one session.. got to the cause which did included infection in my jaw on the bladder meridian..Once these issues were addressed, it was like instant relief. Plus my stress level went way down afterwards.. another plus. 

Truly amazing when you get to the source.

January 2021 - Jill B

Caretaker of Animals

2020 SEDONA, AZ Carlos Ballantyne Lyme Success Stories
May 21  
I was literally dying from Lyme and Co-Infection. It ripped through my body and ended up in my brain. No one could help me. Nothing I tried ultimately made any difference until I did Biophoton Light Therapy treatments and a regular course of Lauriciden (Lauric acid). Within three weeks I went from not being able to function and dying (very scary) to 80-90% symptom free and that was 5 months ago. Yes you need to detox your body thoroughly and I recommend a good NRT/Chiro if you can but LED Light Therapy is what destroyed my Lyme and Co-Infection. Light and Frequency is very powerful!  Please please please research it! You don’t have to suffer! You can get well!

May 2020 - Carlos Ballantyne

2016 SEDONA, AZ My body responded so well to Biontology, that on my first treatment, all my symptoms of Hashimotos disease vanished. That was four months ago.Sandra Levarek is a skilled practitioner in the use of the Chiren machine.  In that first session she addressed my endocrine system, and in the following five sessions, methodically addressed what was needed to bring my body into balance so it could heal itself. I had three days of tolerable detox after the first treatment, then two of the highest energy days I’ve had in years. My energy then leveled out to a good level and has slowly grown stronger over the four months since the first treatment.  Now I am working on a more pure diet to support my body and its improved vitality. An interesting side note is that I instantly lost my taste for wine and coffee! I am extremely grateful for Sandra’s abilities and deepening knowledge of Biontology and herdedication to bringing our bodies into balance, health and wholeness. This has truly been a miracle for me and has given back my life!

June 2016 - Mary C. Hancock

Jewelry Designer, MummysBundle

Flagstaff, AZ – After a friend of mine highly recommended I try Biophoton Light Therapy, I started to look into it and found Sandra was right in Sedona. I decided to schedule a session and see for myself if it could help with the anxiety and low energy I had been feeling. The day of my first session I was having some stomach pain that I attributed to a stressful week and anxiety. Afterwards, I noticed an immediate affect. Not only was my stomach pain gone but I felt very clear and centered. There was a sense of being energized yet calm and grounded. I also felt my circulation improve after the 2nd treatment. I’ve had 3 sessions now and the amazing thing is that these changes have a lasting effect. I just generally feel better and have my energy back. I love that the Chiren uses your own light to heal yourself and that Sandra is so helpful at getting to the source of the problem.
She is wonderfully skilled and I would highly recommend her. Deeply grateful to her for the work she is doing. Thank you Sandra!
Many Blessings,

2014 Katie Klein LMT, Flagstaff AZ

License Massage Therapist

2013 Sedona, Arizona

Chiren treatments with Sandra Levarek brought exponential shifts in my thinking and emotional/mental/spiritual growth. Within just a couple months after starting, my life looks completely different and I have so much hope for my future. I had been on this trajectory before starting Chiren treatment, but experienced profound shifts between each session that helped me transform my reality at a much quicker pace. I am just waiting for my physical self to catch up. Sandra has been a huge blessing in my life and I HIGHLY recommend her as a Chiren practitioner. – Julie Genser, founder of PlanetThrive.com and President of Reshelter.org

2013 - Julie Genser, Sedona AZ

Founder of PlanetThrive.org

2013 Steamboat Springs, Colorado – I went to Sandra in Sedona when I found my health being affected by my stress & emotional state. Had great concerns about my nervous system, adrenals and general physical health. It was all short of a miracle!! In a short time my physical body was restored & I felt better than I had in a couple of years. But the BIGGEST surprise was my mental & emotional state. The calmness I have never felt, the forgiveness that came from years of anger at others & myself….
The emotional rawness was gone! I was able to see all areas without pain, which enabled me to make clearer decisions in all areas.
I can’t urge anyone enough to allow themselves to release and be healed physically & emotionally….

October 2013 - Rhonda S.

Skin Care - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

2021 Texas –  This year wreaked havoc on my health system, autoimmune disorders etc.. !.. These sessions cleared up so many of my issues.. Took at least 3 sessions before I saw true results .. but lasting results.. My energy returned, my nauseaousness left.. my head was clearer than it has been for so many years.. The focus is getting to the cause and not really treating the symptoms. I like that.. with no additional “products” to buy.. thats a plus.

October 2021 - Roger

Retired Engineer

2015 Phoenix, AZ – Jason P.  
I would like to take the time to thank you for sharing your time and expertise in applying biontology to my spouse, three teenage boys, and myself. 
We all had a positive experience and look forward to the continued transformation into conscious thinking, awareness, and living. Since none of us had any specific disorder, ailment, or problem there was no expectation of having any identifiable outcome to follow the sessions, however I am pleased to report to you that I unknowingly reaped a benefit from the initial session. Shortly after the first session I went to bend over to pick something random up from the ground and after having done so I came to the realization that bending was easier and less encumbered by a stiff lower back. I hadn’t realized my back was causing me to not bend over normally until I was able to bend over with no hesitation. It was unexpected and I was excited to share this unexpected surprise. Thanks again for everything!

September 2015 - Jason P.


2014 Sedona, AZ – I want to thank you again for your treatments. I had been suffering with adrenal fatigue for 1.5 years when I met you and tried the Chiren. It was the first thing that made me feel noticeably better in any lasting way. I received 9 more treatments and then let them do their work on by body over the next several months. I am 3 years into my process now and feeling much better.

I truly believe working with you and the Chiren turned the tide for me and got me on the road to recovery. Thank you again!

April 2014 - Kim Hollenback, Sedona AZ

Personal Trainer

Cottonwood, AZ – The “Scar treatment” with the CHIREN is simply a miracle.. My scar on my leg from a surgery that went bad, shrunk half the size it was originally with only ONE session!    Now the skin is soft to touch where as before it was tough, with little or no feeling when touched. The color went form deep purple to a light color of pink.

November 2012 - Rebecca - Cottonwood, AZ

2012 Sedona, AZ – Every single one of my symptoms have improved. The blurry vision spot in my left eye is dramatically reduced.. My edema is 75% less.. the Candida symptoms which I was experiencing prior to treatments are 80% less.. My mental clarity has improved greatly and my sleeping is better.. How does it get any better than this??

April 2012 - Candace Caldwell

Massage Therapist

2012 I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my buddy Rhonda. She says she is amazed at how much better she is feeling. In the up coming year, my plan is to remove the mercury from my mouth. This has been a long time coming and now that I know you and a bit of what you do and have the name of a dentist it can happen. The work that you are doing is so profound it makes my heart jump with joy, because it is truly the way… remove the junk and the body can heal itself! You are providing an amazing service.   Many Blessings,

December 2012 - Madison - Steamboat Springs, CO

2012 Sedona, Arizona January  Immune Condition: After receiving 3 treatments with Sandra and the Chiren Instrument, I am beginning to regain a sense of energy and momentum that I haven’t had in many many years.  Although I did experience some mild detox symptoms after each session, I realized that was a positive step.  Several people have noticed a difference and mentioned my eyes were clearer and I appeared more grounded with more clarity.  Not bad for only 3 sessions!  Highly recommend Sandra!

Sedona 2012 - Liz A. - Sedona, Arizona